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Articles about the IoT (Internet of Things) have moved from technical journals to our daily newspapers.  They are a popular mainstream media topic today, but where are there actual business values found as a result of the IoT?  In this article we will explore some of these topics. In the rugged blue collar environment, vehicles, high valued equipment and other assets can be connected to the IoT to wirelessly report on their status, hours of operation, location, environment, maintenance and repair needs. This data can alert management when there is a problem, event or automatically create service tickets or send alerts when an action or decision is required.  The IoT has the ability to provide "situational awareness" across large geographic areas and thousands of assets all at the same time.  This capability helps both decision-makers and automated systems better un... (more)

WebRTC, Internet of Things and API Gateways | @ThingsExpo [#IoT #WebRTC]

Defining Web 3.0 and Developing the Fastest Enterprise Mobility Apps I value a strong opinion.  Especially when the opinionated is an expert and willing to stand up and place a flag in the sand.  In this article, my ambitious friend, programming guru, gamer, colleague, bona fide geek and mobility expert Peter Rogers shares his opinions on the meaning of Web 3.0 and how it will impact mobile application development and the enterprise.  While he is English and prone to use words like whilst, that should not be held against him. I have two ambitions in life: to be the first person t... (more)

IoT Sensors, Nerves for Robots and the Industrial Internet | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

Yesterday I interviewed two robotics experts on the growing demand for IPAs (intelligent process automation) robots.  These robots are made of software code.  They are assigned pre-defined actions based on steps in a process, the analysis of data, and the decision trees they are provided.  For example, an IPA can review a car loan application and approve or disprove it instantly - based on the data.  In fact, they can analyze the data from tens of thousands of car loans in seconds based on the parameters and decision trees they have been given.  There are literally hundreds of t... (more)

Mobile Apps, Blind Spots, Tomatoes & IoT Sensors By @KRBenedict | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

A lot is written on mobile technologies, the Internet of Things, social media and analytics, but little is written on how all these might work together in a retail environment.  I think best by writing, so let's think this through together. Blind spots are defined as, "Areas where a person's view is obstructed." Many business decisions today are still made based on conjecture (unsubstantiated assumptions), because the data needed to make a data-driven decision lies in an operational "blind spot." Smart companies when designing mobile applications consider how they can personali... (more)

Starbuck's Mobile App Strategies By @KRBenedict | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

Starbuck's Code Halos and Mobile App Strategies Starbuck's is expanding the roll-out of their mobile ordering, loyalty and payment app. This is one of the most interesting mobile apps from a major retailer that I have seen.  Before I summarize the key features and benefits, let me share the purpose of Starbuck's latest roll-out according to The Seattle Times' Angel Gonzauez,"...to draw more customers into a digital ecosystem that is closely entwined with its rewards program, whose users tend to buy more, and more often."  This is part of their plan to double revenue to $30 billi... (more)