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Kevin Benedict

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I have given nine presentations in the past 10 days on mobile and data strategies. I have met with companies in the energy, media, insurance and banking industries. I have brainstormed and discussed these laws for winning with data, speed and mobility, and they have held up. In the age of mobile me, where information is the prize, a new set of laws and strategies are required to win. In my new report, "Cutting Through Chaos in the Age of Mobile Me," I discuss many of these laws and how they are applied in mobile apps and mobile commerce. Data is the modern commercial battlefield. Information dominance is the strategic goal. Real-time operations and tempos are the targets. Advantages in speed, analytics, business operational tempos determine the winners. Real-time business speed is enabled by advances in mobile information, sensors and wireless communications. Compe... (more)

Digital Transformation Behind the Currents By @VedSen | @ThingsExpo #IoT

Digital Transformation Behind the Currents By Ved Sen, Head of Digital, Cognizant Business Consulting My good friend and colleague at Cognizant, Ved Sen wrote this article about the definitions of terms around the topic of digital transformation.  It is an important piece that gives us the language to discuss the huge impact technologies are having today on both business and IT. Enjoy! ****************** Despite working in the digital space for years, now I was quite stumped a few weeks ago when I was asked to define it. Sometimes you can get away by circumlocution or to use the t... (more)

Mobile Commerce, Speed, Operational Tempos: Part 3 By @KRBenedict | @ThingsExpo #IoT

Mobile Commerce, Speed, Operational Tempos and the Real-Time Enterprise | Part 3 This is part 3 in the article series.  Read part 1 and part 2 here. The Shelf Life of Data and the Need for Speed Today enterprises are facing a massive challenge that will require new strategies and investment. In fact, 80 percent of survey participants reported that increasing demand for mobile apps is forcing IT departments to rethink and change how they have designed IT environments.  Rethinking and changing IT environments requires investment and budget, and 83 percent believe the demand for mob... (more)

Mobility, Sensors, Robotic Process Automation and the Principle of Acceleration

If you have spent any time working on IT projects you would have heard the comment, "The system is only as good as the data."  It's an accurate statement, and one I want to expand on in this article. Many system designs fail in the face of reality.  Reality is often a cloaked term for implementing a digital solution in a physical world without a sufficient understanding of how the physical world operates.  This is where sensors make such a positive contribution today. Sensors fill in the blind spots in our systems and operations.  Where previously we operated on conjecture or fal... (more)

Monitoring an Ear of Corn with an IoT Sensor? By @KRBenedict | @ThingsExpo #IoT

Once upon a time, farmers would walk through a field or ride a horse around it to determine the amount of fertilizer and water their crops required.  I have done this myself.  Today agricultural drones with sensors and analysis software can fly over large fields and analyze the crops and their needs precisely in seconds.  If we wanted to get even more ambitious, we could place an IoT (Internet of Things) sensor next to every stalk of corn to monitor and optimize its growth.  Although these steps are all feasible today, some are not yet economically advantageous.  That might, howe... (more)